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Weatherproofing: Waterproof Electrical Connectors

Imagine yourself walking along a tree-lined street one cool night. The trees are filled with hundreds of tiny little sparkling lights, making their branches look star-lit. Imagine Japanese lanterns hanging from poles by the sidewalk, bathing the paths in their glow. Then, imagine that it suddenly begins to rain. Horrible? Well, with waterproof electrical connectors, it’s not!

Electrical power and water. These two things must never mix. From our childhood, our parents taught us to never plug any kind of electrical device into a socket with our hands wet. We are taught to keep electrical appliances away from bathtubs or showers. If you’ve ever dropped an electrical gadget into a swimming pool or a toilet bowl, then you know first-hand what happens to objects like these when they meet water: they fizzle. They refuse to work. They cease to exist. Water and power are two very powerful things and – trust me – you wouldn’t want to get caught in the middle of these elements.

That's why companies that specialize in connection systems have come out with waterproof electrical connectors. These special made electrical wire connectors guarantee our safety and the protection of our electronic gadgets.

If you think that only people living in areas where rainfall is frequent are the only ones needing waterproof electrical connectors, think again. Waterproof electrical connectors are crucial for water filtration plants, boats, waterfront houses, oil refineries, boat houses, car washes, rural homes, outdoor lighting and many more. You also need waterproof electrical connectors for computer, cable and phone connections as these wires usually span from pole to pole.

It is good to note that waterproof electrical connectors can withstand even natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms, etc. They can also withstand physical impact from an outside force.

Are you installing outdoor lights, buying a boat or wiring your office? Here is a list of different kinds of waterproof electrical connectors to help you choose the one best-suited to your needs.

  • Cable to cable – there are durable plastic versions of this type. Widely used for connecting electrical devices.

  • Mounting accessories – for wireless accessories

  • Bulkhead connectors – for a more permanent weatherproof mounting solution

  • 60 amp and up – for automotive or motorcycle wiring

  • 25 amp – widely used for boats, automotive or motorcycle wiring

  • Single conductor – this type of connectors usually feature one-on-one high-locking pressures that make sure your connection is extra airtight. Unlocking is made easy by depressing a an external, insulated button.

Finding the right type of waterproof electrical connectors is crucial in helping you get safe, excellent and airtight connections for whatever it is you need to weatherproof. Hopefully, these tips will help you choose the right kind. Finally, if you’re a newbie in this weatherproofing kind of thing, it’s best to consult someone with greater know-how before you start anything. A second opinion is always good.

With waterproof electrical connectors, you never have to worry about water ruining anything again. Plus, you can rest assured that everyone will be safe from harm, rain or shine.

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