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Wiring Your Home: Electrical Wire Connectors

If you’re building a new home for the first time, chances are you’re going to have to learn a thing or two about connecting electrical wiring systems. When I bought my first apartment a couple of years ago, I had no idea what electrical wire connectors were and why I needed them. If you’re like me, then you probably feel at a loss about all the electrical needs your house demands.

What are electrical wire connectors?

Let’s make life easier for you. You know that junction box? That rectangular metal or hard plastic box that connects all the electrical wires in your house to the main power supply? Well, in order to connect all these wires together in your junction box, you’re going to need electrical wire connectors. Also known as “wire nuts”, electrical wire connectors are plastic caps that you put over the wires to secure the connection before plugging it into the junction box.

How do you use electrical wire connectors?

Start by getting a hold of two or more wires you need to connect together. After stripping off a portion of the covering to expose the wiring below, line them up side by side. Twist the wires together with pliers in a clockwise direction. Apply the wire nut over the twisted wires. This principle is also the same for Crimp electrical connectors and many others.

Do I need different kinds of wire connectors for each appliance?

Wire nuts come in different colors. The colors actually indicate the size of the wire it can accommodate. Here’s the low-down on the colors and sizes for wire connectors:

Where can you get them?

Wire nuts are standard materials used in wiring houses or buildings, so they will be easy to find. Head on to your local hardware store and ask the sales person there for wire nuts or wire caps. If they don’t have them there, go to an electrical store.

Electrical wire connectors are important in order to ensure safety in your new home. So, make sure you buy them before making those electrical connections. Covering your wires with masking tape or just electrical tape is not enough! When it comes to power sources, you should really make safety your first priority. Buying wire nuts will also ensure that your connections stay secure through the years.

Just a friendly precautionary tip: if you're unsure on how to connect your wires to the junction box, it would be best to ask for professional help. If you don't want to spend for an electrician, ask for help from a friend who has more experience in the process. Trust me, you wouldn't want to mess with electricity. When it comes to matters like these, it's better to be safe than sorry.

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