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How to Install Crimp Electrical Connectors

What to do when the wire connector of your hair dryer, oven, microwave or whatever appliance you have breaks into two? Does that mean you have to head on to the appliance store to buy a new one right away? Hold your horses! With crimp electrical connectors, you can still fix it!

I used to buy a new hairdryer almost every couple of months. Because I use my hairdryer every day, the wire tends to conk out on me after a few months of heavy use. It was such a bother (not to mention an expense!) to have to buy a new one just because of a weak wire connector. I felt like I was throwing away a perfectly good appliance – and wasting money!

I wish I knew then what I know now. One summer day, my oven’s wire connector tore. Frantic (I had no money to buy a new oven and I can’t live without baking), I ran over to my friends house to ask him what to do. He looked at me like strangely and asked a simple question: “Why don’t you buy a wire crimp electrical connector?”

As their name suggests, crimp electrical connectors are crimp-on tools that serve as a clip-like connections to fuse broken wires together. They are quite easy and simple to use, once you get a hang of them and are available at any hardware or electrical store. These are also true for similar products such as the Packard electrical connectors..

Need to fix a broken wire? Here’s a step-by-step guide that will save you from tossing out what can still work.

Crimp Electrical Connector Installation Tips

Before you begin: Make sure you bring the old connector with you when you go to the store so you can get a crimper of the same size.

  1. Switch the power OFF. Unplug it. You won’t want to risk your safety. Remember: safety first, all the time.

  2. Open the control panel where the old connector is. With needlenose pliers, pull it off the terminal.  

  3. Take the broken wire. Strip off about ¼ inch off the insulation cover, exposing the copper underneath. Twist the exposed wires together with your thumb and forefinger, making sure they’re wound together tightly.

  4. Insert the wire into the new crimp electrical connector. Using your pliers again, clamp the connector onto the wire as tightly as you can. You can opt to use a crimping tool too, to make it easier for you. Make sure no wire strands are left outside the connector.

  5. Put the new connector onto the terminal. Make sure that it is secure by tugging at the wire.

  6. Close the control panel and put everything back in its place. Switch on the power. You’re all set!

With these easy steps, your appliance will be ready for use once again! Take note that this also works for other types: Packard connectors, Delphi connectors and many others. And you won't have to spend more than a couple of bucks for it. Just a friendly reminder though: make sure your crimp electrical connectors are securely and tightly connected. Employ the help of a knowledgeable friend or a professional if you're unsure about your work.

Good luck!