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Coaxial Cable Connectors:  How to Replace your Coax Cable Connector

Are you having a really bad cable TV signal?  The first thing that most people will do with this problem is to call a cable technician right away.  They spend on the services of the technician for a few minutes of work without knowing that the problem with their cable TV may be solved by simply replacing the coaxial cable connector.  For those of you who don’t want to waste money on the services of a cable technician, who will only replace the connector, learn how to replace the connector yourself!  It’s really very easy.

Are you ready?  First thing you need to do is to check the coaxial cable connected to your TV.  You will see the type of cable printed on the outer sheathing of the cable. Most cables used at home are either RG-59 or RG-6.  Now, take note of the appearance of your connector.  Go to the hardware store or go online and buy a good quality coaxial cable connector.  You will also need coaxial cable stripper although a good razor knife will do if you don’t want to spend more money. 

First, remove the existing connector by simply cutting the cable that is connected to it.  Make sure that you make a straight cut and not a diagonal cut.  You can use your knife to do this or you can use the cutter of the cable stripper. 

Take a look at your coaxial cable. A bit similar to Packard connectors, it is made up of a central copper core and a wire mesh conductor. In between these two is insulation called dielectric. The wire mesh, dielectric insulator and the core are all covered by an outer plastic sheath. The first thing that you should do is to expose the copper core. To do this, cut the cable until you feel that the cutter or the knife has reached almost the core. Make sure that there are no cuts in the core because the reception of your TV will be affected if there are nicks in the copper core. Use a cut and twist motion.

When the core is already exposed, you need a few millimeters of cable where only the outer covering is removed.  Cut the outer sheath very lightly so that the wire mesh, the insulation and the copper core are left.  Cut very lightly so that the wire mesh will not be cut.  You will see the wire mesh exposed and the copper core protruding out of the cable.

Bend all the wire mesh back until all of them are covering part of the outer sheath.  Get your new coaxial cable connector and insert the cable into it.  Flush the white dielectric insulation into the connector.  Make sure that none of the core copper will get in contact with the connector.  This will result in very bad picture quality. 

Insert the connector into the cable slot behind your television. Now, you have successfully replaced your coaxial cable connector. Check the reception quality of your TV. You should have crystal clear video after replacing your connector.

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